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Transform Your Skin With Our Natural Skin Care Products

Asmait Fragrance & Skin Care is changing beauty care routines with scientifically proven products, such as organic soaps, skin care, hair care, and perfumes for women. Our natural, organic line is the product of one woman's passion to inspire and empower women to take charge of their dreams.

"Green" Body Care

Our entire product line reflects our "green perspective" on life. This is rooted in the belief that optimal health and well-being is the result of living green in body, mind, and spirit. Advocating by example, our founder, Asmait Yohannes, takes impeccable care of herself by eating a wholly organic diet, drinking plenty of fresh water, getting daily exercise, and maintaining a positive attitude in both her personal and professional life. Asmait lives every day by the four wisdoms that her mother and grandmother instilled in her: "Bounce Back," "Adore," "Illuminate," and "Be Notable". She labeled her products with these names as a way of sharing that sage wisdom with every woman who uses them.

Wholly Natural Skin Care

Raised in a 100% organic household, our founder knows firsthand that pure, natural skin care is essential to a timeless complexion. Therefore, our products are chemically formulated in a specific, meaningful way. She works closely with our team of chemists to source the very finest ingredients, such as Moroccan Argan oil and biopeptides. Applying her deep knowledge of science as a clinician, these select ingredients are carefully blended into our proprietary formulas. Before any natural skin care item is brought to market, we use the product daily for three months to personally ensure its effectiveness and quality.


Benefits of Argan Oil

Many of our products are formulated using Moroccan Argan oil, a healthy oil great for skin and hair that is pulled from the Argan forests of Morocco. This oil is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E and fatty acids, which help it moisturize and condition as well as heal and protect.

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