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Asmait Yohannes

Why Organic and Natural Products?

Our founder, Asmait Yohannes, has very sensitive skin and has had to literally live an organic life. When she moved here from Ethiopia, it was very hard for her to find products that didn't irritate her skin. She was simply unable to use non-organic skin care products.

After she finished nursing school, she utilized her science background to create a line of natural hair care and organic skin care products that bring out the beauty in every woman. Today, women all over the country turn to Asmait Fragrance & Skin Care in Stamford, Connecticut, for natural skin care that leads to flawless complexions.

Our History

Our story began with Asmait's grandfather's vision five days before her birth. He dreamt about her and told her grandmother that Asmait's mother would give birth to a girl and that her name should be Asmait, meaning "legacy" in their Tigrigna native Eritrea language. While Asmait's beloved grandfather would eventually pass on, his legacy lives on through Asmait.

Honoring a Legacy

Asmait named the company after her grandfather's chosen name for her as a meaningful way to honor and preserve the legacy that was bestowed upon her at birth. Her ability to be where she is today, and to accomplish what she has, would not have been possible without the empowering support of the many women in her life. Her goal and passion are not only to create products that nurture and care for the physical appearance of women, but also to provide products that empower and inspire women worldwide.

Overcoming Challenges & Inspiring Women

As a young girl, Asmait overcame many of the same challenges and obstacles that other young women are facing today. Inspired by the remarkable resilience and wisdom of her mother and grandmother who raised her, she learned to bounce back from every fallout in life; to always adore who she is and who she aspires to be; to know when to illuminate naysayers, and to be notable for her greatness in the world. These sentiments and ideals are the reason the products in her line have names like, "Adore," "Bounce Back," and "Notable." In addition to being our company's founder, Asmait is the chief of product development. She is also a full-time vice chair of nursing for the department of surgery and a clinical director for a busy surgical center at a leading metropolitan hospital.

Mission Statement

Asmait Fragrance & Skin Care's company mission is to unleash the boundless potential, passion, and dreams of every girl and every woman around the world through our exclusive product lines. An empowered woman ignites an assurance that is driven by success, whereby no challenge is ever insurmountable.

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